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Breath Taking: A Memoir book cover

Coming May 7, 2024

At the age of five Jessica Fein’s daughter Dalia was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease that would claim her life at 17. Before that moment came, and inspired by Dalia’s own irrepressible spirit, Fein and her family would discover how to live in the present when the future can’t be fixed. In this heartfelt yet clear-eyed memoir, Fein maps both her journey to becoming an adoptive mom and the roller coaster ride of loving and caring for a terminally ill child, persevering when the simple act of taking a breath can become an act of courage. Through it all, she discovers the need to be both relentless advocate and calm presence, to show vulnerability as well as strength, and to allow joy to be louder than sorrow.

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"This story truly matters and people need to hear it. Breath Taking is a remarkable celebration of resilience, and a true testament to strength, love, and survival. It shows us that there's always a path forward even when it's too dark to see. You'll probably laugh and cry, and you'll for sure be inspired."

Victoria Arlen, TV host and Paralympic gold medalist

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