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"A powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit."

Want to help me share this book with the world? I'd love to have you on the official launch team! Read it early, get exclusive bonuses, and help spread the word! 

you read the book before anyone else
and then help me spread the word

    You'll get:

​            Pre-order bonuses*

            Free digital galley copy of the book to read and enjoy early!

            Virtual book launch party

            Conversations with a like-minded group of amazing humans

            And the chance to win fabulous prizes!

       * Team members pre-order the book, because a digital copy
        won't suffice in the long term!

What's the story?

My goal with Breath Taking is to share what I learned from my daughter Dalia. That's why this isn't an ordinary memoir -- it's an exploration of resilience, a testament to the human spirit, an ode to living in the moment, and an inspiration for those facing the unimaginable.


It's about more than making noise; it's about making a lasting difference.

This is where YOU come in. When you join the launch team, you’re joining forces with me to make sure Breath Taking reaches as many people as possible. 


You'll get a pre-release download of Breath Taking as well as everything else you need to share the book's messages. Together, we'll spread the word about how we can create a life of beauty and meaning even in the midst of uncertainty, invite joy and sorrow to live together, and find our breath when it feels lost.


FREE when you pre-order the book!

Designed to accompany the reading of Breath Taking

Curated Spotify playlist


Featuring home-grown dahlias from the author's very own garden

2024 dahlia


coffee chat

Virtual gathering with author

Jessica Fein (Date TBD)

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