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My a very small nutshell

At first, my life went according to the plan I’d carefully mapped out. Meet love of my life, launch a career, marry love of my life. But then my plan went wildly off course and became worlds more interesting when my husband and I decided to adopt three babies from Guatemala. Family bliss followed: four years of juggling bottles, baths, and bedtimes with full-time careers.


But then our daughter Dalia was diagnosed with an ultra-rare disease, MERRF Syndrome. At 9, Dalia lost her ability to walk, talk, eat, and breathe without the assistance of a ventilator. I had to figure out how to navigate day-to-day life with a severely ill child while attempting to retain some sense of normalcy for our three children, a happy marriage, and my job as vice president of a billion-dollar global company. Along the way, I became a fierce advocate, a nurse, and a warrior – and learned that my heart could be broken and overflowing at the same time.

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